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July, 2001

Hi Dolls,

Can you believe it? Summer's almost over. I have to share my camping experience with you. We camped in a State Park on a beautiful island in South Carolina on the beach. We pulled in with our RV, 3 dogs, camping equipment, and lucked out by getting the Ponderosa, Site #63. Now, we don't camp all that frequently as we are a very busy little household. If the truth be told, I am a Four Seasons gal. But here we are camping for two and a half weeks and after we spread out the clothesline, the hammock, the Taj Majal of all tents, we took a stroll around our beautiful campground and marveled at the camping culture of America. We got nothin' on them. Some people camp, bringing along with them, besides the requisite bicycles, their very own golf carts, and at night when we were lit by only one kerosene lantern, the campsites around us were festooned with Christmas lights, pumpkin lights, hot pepper lights, all of them undulating from Palmetto palm trees in the ocean breezes. I could not sleep from all the lights. I thought I was in a city.

Next to our campsite were Paula and Bob. Now Bob is a camper. He was hammering and hanging all day long, there were electric fans outside of the RV, several deck chairs because these people had lots of guests visiting. And they had rigged a sink to wash their dishes so that they were using the campground's water. Paula at one time must have been a stunner. A whiskey tenor, never without a drink or a cigarette in her mouth, she was the friendliest most talkative person I have met in a long time. We met when she came over to our campsite looking for a corkscrew. This particular campground discouraged alcoholic beverages and I am sure Paula could be heard throughout the campground. We obliged and became fast friends with her, with friendly hellos, morning, noon and night.

I learned a lot about camping. Always carry a bit of rug to put in front of your RV so that you're not tracking sand into the house. Get a double headed hose attachment so you can connect two hoses, the hose to your RV and one to rinse off your filthy feet, before you step on your lovely piece of astroturf, before you step into your lovely RV. Army surplus has equally good supplies as any camping outlet. Look in your Army surplus first, it's bound to be cheaper. Our friend Peter who camped with us on Site #9, had the hippest hammock I 've ever seen... from Army surplus. You can never have too many tarps or too much rope. Always watch the sky for an impending storm, and wrap up as quickly as possible. It took us two days to dry out. Never try to pitch your tent in high winds... what was I thinking?

When all is said and done we were very well supplied as my husband was an Eagle Scout and I packed a good two weeks before we took off. Camping is so much fun. Food never tastes better, sleep is divine (once you get used to all of the lights) and your neighbors can be some of the funniest people you've ever met in your life. Loggerhead turtles were coming up and laying their eggs on the seashore, the Atlantic Ocean was so warm you could walk into it, and the sunsets over the marsh were sublime.

I have one restaurant recommendation for you. My friend and I took a side trip to Boston, and her very sweet brother in law took us to dinner in a wonderful restaurant called Clio. It is in the Eliot Hotel, 370 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 617-267-1607. I had the turbot, yum, yum, yum.

That's all for now dolls. I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow, I gotta go pack.

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Love, Patti


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