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Dear Dolls,
After over 5 years of answering your very astute, very funny, very supportive inquiries, I must suspend the Ask Patti section of my website for a while.

Be well. I will miss talking with you.
Love, Patti


Dear Patti...

Caitlin asks: What is your opinion on breaking the fourth wall? In a recent rehearsal, our director announced to the cast that it was completely inappropriate to ever play to an audience, which is a statement I don't agree with whatsoever. Having seen you onstage, I know that you have a connection with the audience that makes whatever you're in so much more enjoyable.

Patti Answers: It depends on the play and the director's concept. You must never forget why you're on stage and indeed play to the audience but there is a fine line between including them and actually looking out at them. The fourth wall is usually reserved for plays. I hope this helps.


Alan asks: What is the best advice given to you in the acting industry? and who gave it you?

Patti answers: I've been given lots of good advice but the best was from my director for "The School for Scandal" at Juilliard. He said, "If you're an actress, act. If not, put a bushel basket on your head and get off the stage."