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Ramblings From The Road


So I had my blood analyzed in LA. I'm O positive which means I can't eat a fecking thing. I can eat squirrel and I can root around for grubs but I can't eat shrimp, crab, lobster, you know, the way I grew up... I can't eat it any more. What the...? So now I'm washing vegetables while Katrin writes and my refrigerator is starting to look like I'm a chef for some organic restaurant. If only I could really cook. I mean, I can cook shrimp, lobster and crab but I'm not sure I can cook Kale. And who'd want to? Anyway, as I get older I discover that I'm shrinking and getting wider. I'm sort of melting back into the earth. I'll make a lovely planting bed in a few years. What does one do, except do the best one can? So the next time I'm on stage if I look fatter and shorter cut me some slack - I'm getting older and making a rapid descent to the earth. Enough about me. How about you? Are you getting fat too? Is it our society? That's what they keep saying. Well, here's my suggestion, either you just don't give a damn, be happy as long as you're healthy, or check out the book, "Eat Right For Your Type." I really think it's valuable to learn what one's system can tolerate. I'll keep you informed as to my weight loss, if I lose anything, just to see how successful eating right for your blood type is.

I spent 17 days in a beautiful blooming Los Angeles shooting a pilot with my beloved, beautiful Laura Benanti. The pilot had a great cast. I was lucky to be working with Michael McKean. Laura was fantastic as our star and leading lady. It was written by Gail Lerner and directed by the legendary Jimmy Burrows - that in itself was worth it. There's nobody that knows television comedy better than Jimmy Burrows.

And now, I'm home in a very beautiful blooming Connecticut with my husband as we wait for our son to return from his first year of college. Isn't spring a very serene time, a very reassuring time? Can we all, just for a moment, send out the most positive vibes we have to ensure earth and earthlings many more springs? The older I get the more vulnerable I get. Or am I just getting more scared because of the times we live in? Poof... go away... look at a blooming flower... send a prayer to heaven followed by really good vibes.

Think Peace.


PS—Dolls buy my book. I'm trapped on the NY Times Bestseller list between 2 Republicans!