Ramblings collage
Ramblings From The Road

Oh my, it's been so long. "Gypsy" closed, I took a brief siesta and now I'm on the road with Mandy. Maybe I shouldn't even do a Ramblings today because I can't think of anything to say............... except this:

The deer ate most of my shrubbery and it's almost Spring so it's mud season. Katrin and I had a fine lunch and now we're drinking wine and I can't think of any more to say............ except this:

Obama is smart and he makes me feel smarter. I don't know if I'm hopeful. I wish I knew in my heart that we will pull out of this mess... oh screw it. I have a good restaurant recommendation: "Casa Tua" 17 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL Ph: 305-673-1010. OK, here's a question, What happened to me? How come I never looked like those babes strolling through that restaurant? Who are those babes anyway? I so wanted to ask that question, "Who are you? What is is you do? What is your contribution to society?" Do I sound jealous? WELL... MAYBE I AM! Screw that......... Let's talk about the United States Post Office... well, maybe not cause I got too much to say about that lame brain operation. But as I understand, it's not as bad as Italy. Speaking of Italy, you know what I think is totally happening? There's sex back in the Houses of Power. Just think of Michelle and Barack and Nicky and Carla, you know that fabulous French couple. Carla clearly makes Nicky hip.

Alright, I've got nothing else to say, I'm on my way to the Post Office.


p.s. I'm writing a book. It's aging me to have to look backwards. Happy Spring!