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Dolls, oh Dolls,

I just don't know what to talk about any more. That's it... good bye.

Katrin wants to stay longer and finish her wine so I'd better think of something to say. OK, where have I been and who do I want to bitch about? Now I got plenty to talk about.

What should I start with? Well I came home after "Mahagonny", but when was that? ... oh that's right, I rehearsed for two weeks with Mandy Patinkin and we resurrected our show if anyone's interested out there.

Then, I went down south to see the house we are building on our little barrier island. Do you know what my friend saw? No, how could you? Well I'll tell you. They're either bottleneck dolphins or porpoises. Nobody can tell me what they are, but whatever they are, they came up on the beach and mated. How about that? I didn't see it, my friend did, but he said they were right there on the beach mating. What about that? I mean how do they breathe? Don't they have to breathe? Also while I was down there they held the Governor's Cup where you go out and fish and the biggest fish wins a money prize. Well, they caught lots of Mahi-Mahi. They are gorgeous fish even dead and hanging on a noose, all iridescent green. I'm gonna learn how to fish. I'm gonna catch it, clean it, gut it, cook it, and eat it. But that's an old story. Wasn't I Captain Patti on a shrimp boat several Ramblings back?

I could talk about Virginia Tech but what can I say, except get the guns out of our hands. What I want to talk about again is the indifference and rudeness in this country. It has permeated my little corner of Connecticut. Where is everybody going? Why is everybody in such a hurry? Why is there such disregard for time, patience, politeness? People are speeding by me on the road, letting me know how angry they are for holding them up. Where are they going that's more important than our safety? I'm at the counter at the post office and somebody wants their packages and just demands to be dealt with in the middle of my transaction. And then this other guy... I thought he was gonna hit me in the car. I had the green light, I was making a left hand turn, and he kept coming at me and he had the red light! He apologized for coming so far out into the intersection and I applauded his ability to say "I'm sorry" but clearly he was someplace else. That is one of the reasons we are all disconnected, impatient, and rude. Where are we that is so much more important that the time and the moment we are living in? I mean don't you think if we were living in the present moment we would see and deal with the mental illness that led to the shootings in Virginia? Or is it a lack of effort, or the desire to make a stand, or to make people f*&%ing work? "Oh, I'm sorry if I'm a pain in the ass, and, Oh, I don't want to bother you, or, I hope this isn't too much trouble." Take the trouble. I told the guy in the post pffice he was rude. I don't care what he thinks of me. Is that why we don't get involved? Because we're afraid of what people will think of us? Ay, yay, yay. "Shut up Patti LuPone."

Ah, it's a riot of color in Connecticut right now, as I gaze across the field at the purples and blues and yellows and reds. I'm gonna be a better citizen in this world. Not just in this country, but on this earth. How am I going to do it? I'm going to try to control my temper. I'm going to take my time. I'm going to be alert and aware, and I'm going to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Speaking of the Golden Rule... I was in Portsmouth, NH and I felt the ghosts and saw all the three-cornered hats. It is a great little New England town that resonates with a deep puritanical history. It was beautiful.

OK that's it. I thought I didn't have anything to say. I'll try to say more next month but the older I get the less I know, hence the less I have to say.



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