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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls,

I know it's been a long time since I've rambled. But "Sweeney" closed and I went on a little vacation, I got a little sick, and Katrin wasn't around to type for me. KatPat's back together again and here's our Ramblings.

So first...I'm going to rail against the Bank of America. Take your money and run... stick it in a mattress. It's better than trusting those %#@!%$ people at that bank. This is what happened to me. I hadn't used my ATM card in a while because I didn't need to, I didn't have to. Somewhere along the line without my knowledge, without my appproval, without consulting me, without contacting me in any way, they invalidated my PIN that had been my PIN for 15 years! I found this out through a humiliating experience at the IGA trying to buy a bag of spinach. My card was rejected. I blamed the incompetence of the IGA swipe machine and just moved on with my life. Lo and Behold! It was I who was Persona Non Grata. It was my PIN, my card, that was errant. I called the customer service of BofA and got the runaround twice. A lot of apologies and no restitution. They couldn't explain what had happened, and they weren't about to fix it. They gave me a lot of excuses, but, as I said to them, I want my old PIN because it is in honor of my dead cat. And, I want an explanation as to why I wasn't informed that they had invalidated my card. "No, no, no, can do, I can't go for that, no, no, no can do," was their response. My response to them was, "Bite me," and I closed my accounts. I swear to God, what is this country coming to? And who are these impervious assholes who call themselves Customer Service Representatives? Enough said.

So, "Sweeney" closed and what a very emotional closing night it was. I will never forget looking out at the audience in the final ballad seeing young women weeping. I wept with them. The year of "Sweeney" was the theatrical experience of my life.

I'm on to Jake Heggie's opera, "To Hell and Back." It's very hard, but very beautiful music. I've crossed over to the opera world thanks to some very intrepid souls who think I can sing the stuff. I hope I don't let them down.

I saw something very cool on my little vacation. I was on a boat and all of a sudden a school of mullet started jumping out of the water. And then, a tarpon came flying out of the water chasing them. He jumped in and out of the water twice. It was a National Geographic moment and I am so glad there is some of that left to see and enjoy in this world.

I gotta let Katrin go... it's late. KatPat needs food. Next time I'll talk more about my favorite "Sweeney" actors.



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