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This is an ever so brief ramblings about the City of Pittsburgh. It's such an unfortunate name for such a wonderful city. It's a visually pretty city with what I thought were mountains, but were referred to as river cuts because the Allegheny and the river that starts with an M, meet up and form the Ohio, which then runs into the Mississippi. So the rivers separate the city and there are bridges every few blocks and the bridges are painted yellow which is very cool visually. It was a steel town so there were some incredible mansions to look at. But overall, what makes the city a unique American experience is, as always, the people. And the people of Pittsburgh are great. Generous without drawing attention to that trait. So very nice, selfless, and lots of fun. One of the most talented women I've ever shared a stage with comes from Pittsburgh and actually chose not to leave. If she had, she would have continued her rise to stardom. I was so glad to see her after so many years. And she hasn't changed a bit. Her name is Lenora Nemetz. If you ever see that name on a cast list run, don't walk to see her perform.

One restaurant recommendation is "Sonoma Grille", 947 Penn Ave. Ph: 412-697-1336.

And now... I gotta take a break. Cause I gotta lotta work ahead. I'll be back in late April.

In the meantime be well, be happy, be kind.

Love, Patti


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