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Hi Dolls,

Happy New Year! May I start this by saying I had the worst holiday ever. I planned a vacation for my family and it was a disaster from beginning to end. Thank God it ended on the 30th of December. I passed through the Florida airports without incident.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and have a prosperous and healthy New Year. Please let us not forget the tsunami victims and give our aid wherever and whenever we can. It is truly what America does best.

Let us pray for an end to this horrible war. And to all war from now until the end of time. The earth is revolting. No more bombs and maybe there will be no more mudslides and tsunamis. There's water and mud everywhere. Tears from heaven.

It's freezing at home. But I'm here and having a lovely time with my family. I'm cooking... not well... but I'm cooking.

I have a lot of work coming up so this will be my only Ramblings until April. I think.

Keep well, keep warm, and as my son used to say, "Keep a smile in your heart."

Dicky, rest in peace.

Love, Patti


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