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Hi Dolls,

I just came back from the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL. Audra McDonald and Michael Cerveris were simply brilliant as Dot and George in "Sunday in the Park with George". I wish, growing up on Long Island, I had a Performing Arts Festival in my backyard. It's something to see when the lawn at Ravinia is filled and people are answering their nobler instincts. They come with all of camping's finery, good wine and candleabras. They come as family, extended family, and friends to listen to music and enjoy a summer night. And the thing that I love the most are the children running around, playing tag, or just sitting with their families. The thing that will be with them forever, that will be in their emotional makeup, is music. Whether they're listening or not, Mahler's 9th will be engrained in them for the rest of their lives... or Tony Bennett, or Emmy Lou Harris, or Sondheim. I don't understand how music can be cut from our kid's schools. It is a nobleness of spirit that is our inherent right. Expression is a necessity and something that cannot be denied. And speaking of denying expression...

It appears that some people are upset with me for voicing my opinion and exercising my First Amendment Rights.... these are also the same people that don't know how to spell my name. God Bless America... but you can't silence a Diva... or anyone.

Love, Patti


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