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The movers paid up! Do you believe it? And I didn't even have to contact the Better Business Bureau. So now I think Braun Movers from Newtown, CT are the best thing since sliced bread. My tune has changed. I want to thank all of the concerned citizens that visited "Ask Patti" and gave me sound advice. I have such a smart group of fans. I'm proud and lucky. I passed all your information on to my lawyer. I put it into my filing cabinet just in case... just in case... just in case.

Oh, somebody remedy my forgetful memory. I once said "I don't have ADD, I have too much to do." And I am feeling overwhelmed and prickly at the moment. I've lost my travel address book. I see it in my mind's eye floating around this house. I have a feeling I'm losing my mind. It's a horrible feeling. I'm off to Mohegan Sun. On to the next distraction.

It's going to snow ten inches tonight. But I'm gonna have 50 bucks in my hot little paws gambling at the Triple 7's slot machine. I'm not a gambler, I'm performing there this weekend. As a matter of fact, I'm bad luck in a casino. I once walked into a casino at Resorts International in Atlantic City after a performance. I was mindlessly staring at the Wheel of Fortune when I heard from across the room, "PATTI!" I said, "WHAT?" "GET OUT!" They started to lose at the black jack table the minute I walked in.

What about Spain? After the bombing, voting out the ally to Bush and his disastrous war and pulling out their troops? I think it's incredible. Do we have as much conviction in anything? Alright, I'll shut up because I have to pack my gambling fingers and lucky rabbit's foot, my shamrock, turn my head sideways, walk out the door without stepping on a crack, blah, blah, blah, bye.

Love, Patti


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