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Dear Dolls,

The sun is shining brightly, it is a clear, beautiful, and gelid day here in Connecticut. I survived the holidays... barely. My husband and I decided no more Christmas trees. Palm trees only. Next year... it's St. Barths or bust. I made no New Year's resolutions because I can't keep them, but I do think I will investigate the Catholic Church in my little town because I like the priest. (No jokes, please) He gave my mother her last rites and I have for a long time felt spiritually bereft in our grand and glorious country America. It's why I like the East so much, it seems to me to be an individual devotional society. But what do I know? As David Mamet wrote, "All I know is the length of my ignorance which is complete, sonny... my ignorance is complete.

Joshua made out like a bandit at Christmas because I'm a sucker for my only kid. He gets what he asks for and then teaches us all about the electronics of the new age. It's fun. I've become his rock goddess mother. I'm turning him on to all of the new rock and roll. I love being home with my family. I wish I could retire. I'm so enjoying dishpan hands and the myriad ways to alleviate chapped and dry cracked skin. People say I would hate retirement. I think not. I think it's all just an extension of your life and how you live it. I've always had the fear that I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't perform. It's the only thing I know. I sure don't know algebra. But, I think I'm at a stage in my life now where sleeping the day away is not such a bad idea. And if I did wake up and have to get out of bed because of bed sores I think I'd find something to do. I could volunteer at the local library but I don't know the Dewey Decimal system and I'm not quiet. Oh, enough musings.

I'm learning "CAN-CAN" and "Candide" and a new show wIth Scott and Dick. Bed sores are looking good. I saw "Wicked" and "The Boy From Oz" and "Henry IV". I was proud of those women in "Wicked". They were fantastic. Estrogen rules man, or should I say woman! So does Hugh Jackman, the best thing to hit B'way in I don't know how long. "Henry IV" was equally terrific. There are my reviews. Now I got to go sing... oh bore me to death!

Love, Patti


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