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What creep is sending me spam?  You creep me out, you creep.  Get a life you spam-headed... spam creep.  

Somebody has attached a "Let's be friends" thingy to my 'Ask Patti' e-mails.  If you got one it's not from me.  

So, I've been doing a bit of traveling lately and I am shocked to report that all my flights took off on time and landed early. I went to Puerto Vallarta on the fabulous Atlantis Events Cruise.  Golly, I like Mexico and the Mexican people. Heart, heart big hearts. Golly, I like cruising with Atlantis Events as well.  

I ate at a great place in Puerto Vallarta, "Los Xitomates" at Morelos 570 Centro.  It was so good and I love Mexican food too.  America should have more respect for Mexico.

I ate in Houston, Texas too. "The Pappas Brothers Steak House". It took me three days to digest that piece of meat. It was SO GOOD! I sang with the Houston Symphony and they have got to be among the top three orchestras I have ever sung with. I like Houston. It has such a vital theatre center in an otherwise dead downtown. The Lancaster Hotel is pretty great as well should you find yourself in downtown Houston.

As you know, (if you read any of these Ramblings) we're taking Josh to Italy for his 13th birthday. I can't wait. I haven't been to Italy in 15 years. We're going to Positano, hiking up Vesuvius, eating, eating, eating, sleeping and generally being Italian.  

I'll be back on stage in February, I think. I've been offered La Mome Pistache in Encores! production of "Can-Can". Till then I am loving the time I have with my family.  

I shall bid you adieu because this computer keeps freezing.  

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Be safe!

Love, Patti


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