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Hi Dolls,

I'm home after a very long time in LA. I enjoyed myself there. I'm making peace with the town. I guess it's because I'm older and don't feel quite so threatened by it all... the beautiful people, the wealth, the palm trees, Malibu, the life the Beach Boys must have had before the drugs kicked in. It's always been the "ultimate High School summer vacation" for me. I've just never felt pretty enough to flourish there, you know what I mean? I mean so many long-legged Blondes, so many little butts, so many handsome men..... I'm glad I'm home. The place could give you a complex.

Lots and lots of restaurant recommendations. I ate my fears away and gained some weight to really make me feel insufficient. The older I get, the less I know. Anyway, here goes: Moonshadows,  20356 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu  310-456 3010. It's a great place for a  sunset meal in my new favorite town, Glorious Malibu.  cafe des artistes, 1534 North McCadden Place, Hollywood,  323-469-7300. Not the one in NYC, but fun with lots of ambience and very French. And while we're on the subject of France, can we please get over our boycott of all things French? All they did was exercise their right to free speech. Isn't that why we're freeing the Iraqis?  Isn't that what we're about? How come we  get to say what we want but we  stick a cork in the French... so to speak. And when did it go from "Fighting Terrorism" to "Freeing the Iraqis'". Are we becoming schizophrenic to the tune of 72 billion? I'm lost and would rather not ask for answers from Rumsfeld or Cheney. Did I spell their names wrong? I have a tendency to turn off the picture whenever they're on the tube. I don't read  newspapers. I truly don't know how to spell their names. They scare me..... Moving right along: Kings Road Cafe, 8361  Beverly Boulevard, LA, 323-655-9044. Just a hip little cafe. Mandaratte, 8386 Beverly Boulevard, LA, 323-655-6115. Very tasty Chinese. il Pastaio, 400 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310-205-5444. Beverly Hills. What more need I say? Sushi Roku, 8445 West Third Street, Hollywood, 323-655-6767. In Palm Desert, Mamma Gina, 73-705 El Paso 760-568-9898. All these eateries were delicious.

I hung out with the beautiful Kellie Martin. We hiked , belly danced, went to her husband's Polo match, visited the La Brea Tar Pits, ate and bitched about the business, all in all a great time. Josh, Matt and I went to my other favorite California beach town, Laguna and had a wonderful, relaxing time, except for the tar on the beach. I was surprised. Apparently it's from the oil rigs in  the ocean off Huntington Beach. How and why does this artist/resort community put up with it? Why can't the spills be controlled, better yet eliminated? It made me sad. We went up to Santa Barbara and watched Josh skate in one of those Blader Bowls. It was all so California, I loved it.

I'm back at the LZL anxiously awaiting Spring and Summer.  I really wonder why I didn't get Southern California sooner. Its everything I love. Oh well. No regrets.

I just heard they found the 7 POWS. Oh my God. Thank God.
I still maintain War has no place in the 21st Century.
I wonder and wish for the sages of America, the humanitarians, the wise men. Are there any?
I'm extremely impressed with our troops. They appear to be compassionate, level-headed, and noble.
I am proud of the youth and future of the U.S.
I pray they all return home safely and we as a nation survive this, this, war.

Bye for now.

Love, Patti


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