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Hi Dolls,

So, my "In-Laws" got pre-empted for the State of the Union Address... more reason to dislike George Bush. But I am enjoying myself on "Oz" (and I'm not a big fan of me) and I am really enjoying "Oz". What a pity it's off the air. What good actors, what handsome men. What a melodrama. I love it. Happy Valentine's Day (speaking of prison fare). I don't know what to say to you guys, I'm cold, my husband and I aren't talking today, and so I'm taking it out on Katrin.

I sang on a gay cruise. The ship was the Norwegian Dawn. It's a beautiful ship and it's the second time I've sung for Atlantis Events. They are a great organization. I had a great time. I have rarely had a better audience. The weather was perfect, Key West is a drunkard's paradise and my time in South Beach was delicious fun with the pals I brought on board, Scott and Jeffrey. Everyone should have a gay cruise in their life because those boys and girls know how to party.

I'm off to Los Angeles. I intend on hiking among other things. My friend Kellie Martin went hiking and told me this story last night. She was hiking up in Pacific Palisades on the Backbone Trail, when she took a wrong turn and ended up lost for a while. She and her friend came upon an encampment. They got very bad feelings. There were three houses, out buildings with graffiti on them, and a set of concrete stairs that went straight up the mountainside seemingly to nowhere. They got out of there ok, went on the internet and found out that the place they had discovered was a Nazi encampment in the 30's. If Germany had won the war these guys were going to take over America. Apparently it was raided by the FBI when Pearl Harbor was bombed.  Isn't this an interesting story? I want to visit it. Kellie wants to write about it. So LA shall inspire me through the eyes of Miss Kellie Martin.

I shall miss Katrin until I return. Oh yes, and my husband. KIDDING!! We're all in such a foul mood because it's still snowing, it's still winter, and it's still cold.

Oh! I forgot the most important thing. I'm selling most of my theatrical memorabilia. Watch for a new page on the site. The sale will begin sometime in the spring.

OK Dolls, that's it for now.

Love, Patti


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