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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls,

I didn't sleep last night. I know why I didn't sleep last night. I came home over stimulated. I was at Mohegan Sun, the casino for six days. Did you know it is a sovereign nation? Not ruled by America, but somehow strangely restricted by the alcohol rules of Connecticut. I felt like I was in Utah for a minute. What a trip this place is. What a mind blow, what a fantasy for adults. But, having spent six days there I am convinced kids should not be allowed in casinos. I saw a pathetic sight at 1:30 am on Saturday. A mother sitting on a bench right outside of the casino with four sleeping children ages 1 to 5. I offered her and her children my room. She said the other mom was getting the husbands. What kind of negligence is that on the part of the mothers and the fathers? Ban the kids from the casinos. We are a nation going straight to hell with our freedoms. Alright, I'm off my soapbox.  

I shot an episode of "The In-laws" in California. I fell in love with Dennis Farina and Jean Smart. I also became extremely fond of the kids. But let me tell you what happened during my week at "The In-laws". I had a great director, I was surrounded by a great crew, not to mention a cast that absolutely adored each other. However, there was a slight bit of tension as to whether they would be picked up or cancelled. Two hours before we shot in front of a live audience the show was cancelled. WHERE ARE THE SHOWMEN? Why are actors treated as if we are so many carrot peelings? You would think they would have kept the tension alive so as to produce a good show. When it came time to shoot, Bonnie & Elon (the kids) were exhausted from their emotions. These guys who run our business now are cruel and insensitive. No, they're not insensitive, they're just not showmen. They haven't a clue as to what it takes to be an actor. Temperament. Temperament should be nurtured. Then it can handle any blow. But to disregard an essential ingredient of the actor,  well...

I ate at a good restaurant. La Conversation, 638 North Doheny Drive, West Hollywood, CA  Phone: 310-858-0950. My friend Jeffrey and I had a great day. Made it a movie day. With soup and salad in between and a lovely French pastry, to feel a wee bit continental. So he took me there.  

What did you do on New Year's Eve? I'll tell you what I did. I fell asleep. I woke up at the stroke of midnight, and thought of my friend Scott's New Year's Eve party where my husband wanted to go. I imagined everybody jumping up and down, champagne spilling, confetti flowing. I sent them all my love, wished I was younger and stronger, and fell back asleep. My friend Robby says, "When you're in your twenties you want to stay awake. When you're in your forties you are forced to stay awake." How true.

There's so much snow and ice up here it looks like Siberia. I go around humming "Lara's Theme."

Do you think America is on an insane course? I do. My friend Billy says that when a Superpower behaves badly, historically, other countries encircle it. He feels that is what is happening.As do I.

It may be time for another revolution, kids. The peace sign has to come back.Use it and send out lots of love and understanding.

Happy New Year.

Love, Patti


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