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Some of you requested Mother's recipe for Chicken Soup. Here goes:

Get yourself one big, sweet juicy bird. Wash her inside and out including the giblets. Fill up a big pot with cold, clean water, and put the bird and the giblets in. Let her cook, skimming off all that junk that rises to the top. While she's cooking, open up a couple of big cans of Italian peeled tomatoes. You are going to use the liquid as well. Chop up an onion, celery, carrots, and peel a lot of garlic (leave the cloves whole). When the bird is cooked through, take it out, let it cool and then pull the chicken off the bone with your hands. Use your hands to create a masterful chicken soup. Put that chicken meat back into the pot with all of your veggies and the cans of Italian peeled tomatoes (hand crush those tomatoes into the soup). Add salt and pepper and fresh Italian flat leaf parsley. Cook it up, eat it, yum, yum, yum.

You can add shell pasta or rice (cooked separately).

I made a vegetable soup last night. I'm a little worried. I put a turnip and broccoli rabe in. I'm afraid it's going to be bitter. Katrin and I are gonna go taste it. We'll be right back.................................. OH NO... OH YA YAYAYA , OH YES, Oh NO... OH YA YAYAYA , OH YES. Oooooooh it's good!

Why am I cooking so much? I made myself a mean pork tenderloin and some totally happening chicken cutlets for the family. I'm basically burning pots in the kitchen. I actually like it when we turn the clocks back. Today it is so beautiful outside, crisp, clear and blue. I just love Fall and I think wintertime is the time we should bury under like bears. I think I've said all this before. I've been writing this column too long.

I'm having a knee operation. Basically I have been in physical therapy since September and it has taught me one big lesson, don't ignore the aches and pains. The knee bone's connected to the hip bone has put me in the hospital. But don't worry Dolls, I'll be alright. Just in time for my son's birthday. He's 12. I can't believe it.

I don't have anything else to say to you guys this time around. I'm going to go look in on my son, who's home from school sick. Boo hoo. Bye.

Love, Patti


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