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I'm pulling apart a cooked chicken, not one of mine thank you very much, with my bare hands no less. I'm making the Italian version of chicken soup, because it's Fall and it's wet, rainy and raw. This is the soup my mother used to make and it's "good for what ails ya." There's a banana bread baking in the oven and there's flour all over my glasses and I'm just loving being home.

A restaurant recommendation in New York City is GONZO, 140 West 13th Street, 212-645-4606. Delicious Italian food in wonderful atmosphere run by a brother and sister, Vinnie and Donna. Highly, highly recommended, dahlings. Mandy and I did our gig in Richardson, Texas. The show is a Mandy invention and it is wonderful. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to be back on the stage with him. Nothing has changed in the twenty odd years since Mandy and I worked together. I still adore him and it is still so exciting and dangerous to be on stage with him.

How about this war in Iraq? When is all this gonna come back and bite us in the butt? That's what I wanna know. And what about the sniper in Washington, DC? How come I think it's an Al Queda terrorist? And isn't it hideous and so totally bizarre that I will be relieved if it isn't a terrorist after all but an American generated madman. This may well be outdated by the time you read this but it is something to think about. My point is, which is the lesser of the two evils... an American madman or an Al Queda terrorist? Am I paranoid, am I scared? Yes, oh yes, oh yes, yes I am. And because I have a vivid imagination, I envision, even in my little white Republican town, the turban warrior brandishing a sword screaming Allah Akbar charging up my mountain!" "Take it easy. Take it all.  How bout one of my CD's?" I need help. And you know what I think, and I don't know anything. I think that the Western countries created this Middle Eastern mess. Didn't we divide the spoils of war? Didn't we create a country called Iraq? Didn't we throw together three tribes who ancestrally don't like each other? Like I said and I don't know anything, who are we? Once again I pray for the wisdom of this country.

As I ruminate on this, the chicken is in the soup, I've pulled my stove apart and I'm cleaning like a madwoman. I wish my chicken soup could fix everything.

The stove is clean, the soup is cooking, the bread is baking, and Martha's in jail... just kidding. I am the true Domestic Goddess.

Until next month have a safe Halloween.

Love, Patti


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