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Hi Dolls,

Two restaurant recommendations in Manhattan: Sushi Samba 7 , 87 South 7th Avenue, New York.  Phone: 212-691-7885. It's South American and Japanese and it is delicious. The ambience is pretty great too. When I first moved to New York City there were diners and storefronts where Latinos and Chinese got together and created Asia de Cuba restaurants. They're pretty much all gone but Sushi Samba 7 comes pretty close even if it is upscale. The second restaurant is called The Tasting Room, 72 East First Street, New York.  Phone: 212-358-7831. My very elegant friend Michael Glass takes me to the most divine restaurants in New York City. I ask him how he knows all the latest chefs and sommeliers. He just gives me the Cheshire Cat grin. He took me to The Tasting Room one snowy evening. There is a small leaf linden tree in front of the picture window of this brownstone that is The Tasting Room. The first floor is the restaurant, 7 tables at most. The second floor is the wine cellar and the cellar is the kitchen. It is run by a husband and wife and it is sumptuous, both the food and the wine. I can't wait to go back.

The "Noises Off" company has 7 weeks left on our contracts. I shall miss these actors. But I have to say I am so tired and my back is killing me, it's such a physical play. And it's summertime and one shouldn't ever work in the summer. Have I said this before? For twelve to sixteen years of our lives we are given part of June, all of July and August free... free from guilt as well. Then we grow up and the summer school vacations are taken away from us. Oh yes, I have talked about this before. I remember telling you all about European holidays. Anyway, it looks like I'm gonna get a lot of summer off. Thank God. I'm not going anywhere abroad. I'm seeing America first. My family and I shall travel south to that sweet little island we discovered last spring. We will arrive at the height of hurricane season. Can't wait.
The pilot "Life at Five Feet" was not picked up for the fall season I'm sorry to say. But it ain't dead yet. I don't quite know what that means. When I know I'll let you know.

Everything's blooming at the LayZLay so if you don't mind I'm going to end this Ramblings and go outside.

Love, Patti


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