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January, 2002

Hi Dolls..... and Happy New Year to you all!!!!!! It's the middle of January. Where's the snow and where's Osama? Isn't it interesting how we're all on first name terms with this guy??? The one they don't talk about anymore, and/or I am completely out of the loop, is the Egyptian doctor who founded the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Osama's Strategist. Where's he? What's going on? Somebody let me know.

I'm still having a ball with this wonderful ensemble in "Noises Off." This is Katie Finneran's year and if she doesn't get everything she deserves there is no justice in Show Business. On top of being beautiful, sexy, incredibly talented in both comedy and drama, committed to her craft 100%, she is the most grounded and wonderful human being. And I can say that about everyone in this cast. It just so happens that it's Katie's year. I couldn't think of a lovelier woman to support in this play. I'm also having such a gas with Faith Prince. Two old Musical Comedy broads, backstage yakking..... They should write a play. I love them all. I am the luckiest actress on the face of the earth on this one. Thank you Lord.

In the next "Ramblings" I'll discuss Richard Easton, Edward Hibbert and T.R. Knight. The one after that will be dedicated to my show boyfriend and girlfriend, Tom McCarthy and Robin Weigert and my best friend Peter Gallagher.

My company manager Barbara Crompton just walked in. She said I helped her clean her apartment today because she was inspired while listening to "Evita." I haven't heard that score in years. I have in my possession my final performance on stage of "Evita" and "Sunset Boulevard" taped through the sound system. I'm pulling them out when I go home and burning them on CD's. I'm dying to hear them.

I rented a private plane to get to San Diego because I'm never flying commercially again. Which means I'll never see Europe or any other continent again. Being an American in these times... well it ain't safe. I've been saying I'm Canadian for years when in Europe. I just can't spend the energy explaining & defending my countries politics...quelling the anger as if I was solely responsible. It's now and for the rest of my life-----See America first, See Canada first, See Mexico first, See Central America first, See South America first. I've designed my 2002 version of a bomb shelter. It's a fully loaded, full survival stocked Winnebago, 50K in cash, all the vital documents.... with a little baby cannon on the back. Perhaps I should add disguises to my rolling bomb shelter. A little Swedish outfit, a Mexican sombrero or two, an Eskimo wrap. Perhaps I should take a linguist too so that when I'm in my costumes I can speak the appropriate language......I'm not paranoid. When the shit hits the fan, fire up that pig and see America First.

Anyway, back to the flying sardine can...... I had to get myself and my crew to San Diego for a performance with the San Diego Symphony on New Year's Eve, so I rented a Lear jet. But being your basic punter, I had no idea that the cargo compartment was no bigger then my freezer. I could have killed my girlfriend Nancy - who for 3 days brought 6 pieces of luggage. It was soooo tight with the 7 of us in this plane that I got claustrophobic and there weren't nothin' I could do about it. It took us 3 legs of this journey to figure out how to fit into this plane. So when I rent another plane the schedule will be thus.....arrival at airport....1/2 hour to meet Captain and load luggage, which will be minimal, minimal, minimal.... then 45 minutes of boarding the plane for a "plane fit." The tall one goes here..... the short one goes here..... the fat one goes there..... Regardless of my claustrophobia, we had a ball.

I'm going to end this "RAMBLINGS" telling you about a couple of "New York's Finest" on the theatre squad. There's something so incongruous about grease paint, fishnet stockings, feathers, billy clubs and night sticks...... . We have some of the funniest policemen protecting us that come backstage and tell us..... how a show is doing... who's saving the show... what celebrities have passed through doors of theatres..... they are as star and stage struck as the rest of us. And it's one of the things I love about being on Broadway....the cops."Hollywood Cassidy" and "Checkov Lennon". Go out there fight crime and be safe boys!!!!!!!!!.......

It's 5 minutes to 3, time for the Sunday Matinee. See you next month.

Love, Patti


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