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May, 2001

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls,

John Hastings gets his hair cut in the Owner's Box.

The Durham Bull... not the one that snorts.

I forgot to include two memories from my Carolina trip. The first, seeing our beloved Liz Webb and her family. She was our nanny in London and beyond. She has a very handsome husband Dennis and a beautiful son named Thomas. We spent a lovely night with them and it just reminded me of how much we missed her presence in our house. The second, was singing the National Anthem at a Durham Bulls baseball game. Ah, baseball as it should be played. A small stadium, and every inning break involving the kids in some way. We were invited to watch the game in the Owner's box. We had dinner, drinks and haircuts. Why would the owner have a barber in the Owner's box? Who cares, we had a ball. When the Bulls got a home run, this billboard-size bull snorted, wagged his tail and his eyes went all red. Pretty damn funny. We shared a lot of laughs with our friends from North Carolina, Tom and Judi Stapleton. Friends... They make one's life, don't they? I love all my friends.

I have two New York City restaurant recommendations. For great Italian food: Piadina, 57 West 10th Street, 212-460-8017 and for great Spanish food: Flor de Sol, 361 Greenwich Street, 212-334-6411. I thought my friends were taking me to a topless bar. When I opened the menu I read Tapas instead. How about a topless Tapas bar?

Today was Opening Season for Josh's Little League. They won 8-0. He caught a fly ball and tagged a runner at second base. It was sunny and brisk and such an American afternoon. Two fields with kids playing their hearts out. I listened to some parents talking about some European friends they had. They were discussing how right the European way of life is. 5 week vacations, a slower pace of life, more enjoyment of things, less stress. I have to agree. Why can't we Americans take it down a couple of notches? What exactly are we trying to achieve as we race to the grave? And must we be a superpower? How does it benefit us? We already have everything and some more. Wouldn't it be nice to stay home,deal with our own problems, and only trade in our Arts and Technology? Just a thought.

The Argentina Turner Review was on the road again, this time to Seattle. Which puts me in mind of a terrific book, "The Egg and I". I think it's by Betty MacDonald. It's where the characters Ma and Pa Kettle come from. Just imagine a chicken farm in the Olympic Mountains. Lots of laughs in this book. Anyway, flying to Seattle during the day is so beautiful. The snow covered Olympic Mountains with isolated mountain lakes. Our hotel was lovely, The Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington. They had a great amenity, "Raid the Kitchen" 11pm to 1am. FREE FOOD! How many hotels have you been in where they give you stuff? In my extensive traveling, only two.

It's Stanley Cup playoff season. That's hockey for some of you who don't know. It's such a great spectator sport. I truly love watching hockey. Seventh game, Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo. Our hearts are in Pittsburgh. It's hot and beautiful. I wish you a lovely spring. No more rambling.

Love, Patti


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