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April, 2001

Hi Dolls,

Spring is in the air! Matt let the Guineas out. They are the coolest birds and so far none of the dogs, my husband or my son have come into the house with ticks. I had a lovely road trip with my family. I had a performance in New Jersey on the 20th of March and we left for North and South Carolina the next day. We drove through a Nor'easter on our way to Duke University. Got there, dropped off the costumes, and proceeded to Wrightsville Beach to visit a friend making a movie in the Wilmington area. Restaurant recommendations (and for this trip we're only giving you phone numbers). Wilmington, NC: Caffe' Phoenix, 910-343-1395, Deluxe, 910-251-0333, Under Currant, 910-815-0810, all really delicious menus, highly recommended. I love Wilmington.

I love the South. So much history and so much natural beauty. We hung out at Wrightsville Beach and looked at property because, we're moving. To the South. The winter has become too much in Connecticut. I don't think I've ever seen my husband so sick. So exhausted. The snow was wet, heavy, and relentless. But It's SPRING! And it was spring in the South. But guess what, it ain't cheaper than the North. We looked at beach houses for 3 million dollars. Who do they think I am? Patti LuPone?

There's a great book called "Road Trip USA" which is what we followed. It's all the two-lane highways left in America with all the great Americana sights as well. So, we followed US-17 after we determined that Wrightsville Beach was too crowded for us. We went down the coast and hit Boots and John's Biscuit Shack in South Carolina. We have no area code but it's on Sea Mountain Highway in Cherry Grove and the phone is 249-3224. This place is a Mom & Pop Biscuit Shack and wouldn't you know, I was recognized. As a matter of fact, I was recognized every day of my trip. Something that has never happened in my career. They recognized Libby Thatcher. Why, I had three squealing teenage girls cross in traffic just to get a picture with me. I was so thrilled. I've brought us to Charleston, SC. What a beautiful city! So well preserved, so clean, the people of the city are so proud of it. Good for them. Restaurant recommendations: Seafood, yum, yum, yum! The Boathouse, 843-577-7171,  Bennett's at the Market, 843-534-1234, and for traditional southern soul food, Jestine's Kitchen, 843-722-7224 and Hominy Grill, 843-937-0930. Charleston has one of the best aquariums I have ever been to in my life. It's on Charleston Harbor. It goes from The Mountains to The Piedmont to The Coastal Plain to The Coast to The Ocean. Josh was so excited! When we got to the ocean I wondered how they kept all that water in the tank. It's gotta be 3 stories tall. While in Charleston we visited the beautiful islands, Isle of Palm, Sullivan's Island, and Edisto Island. Our favorite was Edisto. The Old Post Office Restaurant, 843-869-2339, shrimp and grits. I died and went to heaven.

On our way home I convinced my husband to drive the Outer Banks. We spent the night on Ocrakoke Island where Blackbeard the pirate used to hang out. Howard's Pub, 252-928-4441 is a great local hangout. Good food too. You know, if I could I'd live on the Outer Banks. I wouldn't have a marriage but what a wild experience it must be to live on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. The Outer Banks are glorious. Almost to the top of the Outer Banks is Fort Raleigh and The Lost Colony. One of those mysteries. The colonists just disappeared off the face of the earth without a trace. Since there was no trace, they enact a theory of what might have happened to them on a video. I kept staring at the leading player. Why, it was Victor Garber twenty years ago! I can't wait to tell him his finest moment was as John White in The Lost Colony.

Dolls, if I could, as you've read before, I would just travel and travel and travel. I'm home now and there's much to do. The snow has melted. Some of our daffodils are in bloom. Never saw the crocuses. Time to stir up the gardens and plant. Bye.

Love, Patti


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