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March, 2001

Hi Dolls,

Let me start off this Ramblings by identifying the people in the picture from last month's Home Page: l to r: Richard Hester, Dick Gallagher, me, Mark Fiore, and Danielle Vignjevich. My beloved pals and Argentina Turner Review crew.

I'm in the middle of an ice storm at the LayZLay. As much as I love winter, I am truly sick of this one. When you drive up our driveway all you see are walls of snow, and it can be extremely beautiful to look out the window... for about a minute. I am so sick of winter. We're thinking of moving. We're going on a road trip to North and South Carolina.

I didn't travel very far this month. But, I did work on a film with wonderful actors, a wonderful director, a wonderful crew and the incomparable star of our film, John Turturro. I cannot say enough about this actor. He is generous, intelligent and commanding. I am his devoted follower. The movie is "Monday Night Mayhem" and it will be on TNT next year around the Super Bowl. It's about the creation of Monday Night Football. John plays Howard Cosell and I play his wife Emmy. I was sad when it was over. Good experiences are rare, and this one was great mainly because all of my work was with John.

I saw a great musical, you guys. Go see "A Class Act" at the Ambassador in New York. It's a small musical with wonderful songs, terrific performances and it's not an extravaganza. Lonny Price my beloved director for three productions wrote, directed and stars in it to perfection.

Oh yes, and run to see Lily Tomlin. She is so brilliant and the show is profound.

Dolls, I'm running out of things to say, Katrin's tired and wants to go home (tired of typing), I need a nap, and winter's a drag. So sorry this Rambling's so brief.

Love, Patti


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