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February, 2001

Hi Dolls,

So, I got some answers from our German friends as to a translation for "The sweet life."  Mike & Monika say: It's, "Die guten / suessen dinge des lebens."  Which is: "The good / sweet things of life."  So, Germans do have fun!

On to the adventures of "The Agentina Turner Review". What a couple of weeks we've had. First let's start off with Asbury Park, NJ.  I re-shot a scene in a movie and one of the teamsters took me to dinner at Jimmy's Italian Restaurant,  "Where Good Friends Meet"..... because it ain't the food.  May I just say that I have never had worse Italian food in my life. And I am convinced that Jimmy is "connected" if you know what I mean? We ordered appetizers, lots of them, and they were all either stale, tasteless or rubbery.  And these are my people!  I cannot recommend Jimmy's Italian restaurant.  Let us leave Asbury Park.  And on to Miami.

I was singing on a cruise ship. It was 1800 gay men and me.... anyway, my crew and I flew to Miami and decided to drive to Key West. Our first stop was Key Biscayne so that I could show my dear friends Stiltsville.  But after a long plane ride we had to eat, and what better food to eat in Miami than Cuban.  I recommend "La Carreta" 12 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne, FL 33149  305-365-1177.  This is a road stand restaurant and it was great.  Then, after the surreal beauty of Stiltsville we drove to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL. I can't even describe Coral Castle.  "This is the story of Ed Leedskalnin, a five foot tall, 100 pound Latvian immigrant who spurned by the love of his life, excavated, carved and moved tons of coral rock and built Coral Castle." Don't miss it.  On to the Everglades.  

I've always wanted to go, I finally went.  We took the half mile Anhinga Trail and saw alligators, turtles, sawgrass, large mouth bass, great white heron, osprey, red mangrove with coon oysters on prop root, (can you tell I'm reading from the map?).  It was such a gas, so quiet.  It appeared all was right with the animal world. However, I did see a face off between an alligator and an egret. When we returned the egret was gone. Eaten perhaps?  Do you think if you hung out in this particular place every day for a long time you'd actually see alligators attack a bird or a turtle or something? It was truly beautiful and an area that really must be preserved.  After that we got in our car and hit the Keys.  

I missed the great bar in Key Largo.  My friend Lindy tells me it's "The Caribbean Club", a biker bar on the water where parts of the movie "Key Largo" were filmed.  We did hit "Papa Joe's Landmark Restaurant", MM79, Islamorada, FL  305-664-8109.  Another biker bar with a sunset view. I really loved Islamorada. I could tell it was funky.  The telephone poles are in the water.  We drove, and drove, and drove and finally ended up in Key West.  A tropical New Orleans or Savannah, so beautiful.  I could move there.  We went to Hemingway's house the next day.  I could move in.  I just felt that I was again in the richest part of American culture.  For which I am grateful.  I am so sick and tired of the homogenization of this country. How many Starbucks, Gaps, and Banana Republics do we need?  There are still Mom & Pop establishments in this country. Thank the Lord.  We must FIGHT this insidious juggernaut of sameness, banality... the stomping out of any individual character. I feel like I'm entering the communist era of America.  And if it's not communism it's globalism. It's happening and the individual will be powerless very soon.  WHOA!!! Where did that come from?  On to the gay cruise...

What can I say?... I know what I can say. I have never seen more beautiful men than I saw on this ship. 1800... well at least 1000 of the most beautiful, ripped men.  But not for me.  We had a ball, did the show, got off the ship in Miami and thanks to the graciousness of Gael and Antoinette Baldwin we were able to see the interior of one of the houses in Stiltsville.  What views, what serenity, and what lovely people to share this experience with us.  Thank you Gael and Antoinette.  We had a fantastic boat ride out to Stiltsville thanks to Bruce and Mindy.  It was a perfect day and a perfect experience. Stiltsville must be protected. The government is trying to claim Stiltsville as theirs. These houses have been privately owned for years.  Please go to Stiltsville.org and sign the petition, or write to your Congressman, or do something to help preserve the rights of the individual and Floridian culture.

We're all home again.  I'm shooting another movie playing opposite the wonderful John Turturro.  One restaurant recommendation for all you vegans out there:  "Souen Restaurant", 210 6th Ave, NY, NY 10014  212-807-7421.  Fine natural food and a nice jazz atmosphere.

So Dolls, bye bye for now.  On to bigger and better adventures. I'm sick of Rambling.

Love, Patti


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