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October, 2000

Dearest Dolls,

I've changed my mind and have withdrawn certain stories that started this Ramblings. I don't want to invite un-necessary controversy. It's just lousy Karma.

On to the next subject. For all of you asking about "Virginia Woolf" it has been stalled. I shall keep you informed as events unfold.

Go see "Almost Famous"! Ooh whee baby! I'll be Billy Crudup's band-aid any day. Man, he looks like all the rockers I was in love with as a kid. I'm telling you the truth, all I wanted to do was smoke pot and be a groupie for The Band. I couldn't decide between Robbie Robertson or Rick Danko. Remind me to tell you the story of me and my friend Nancy (from last month's Ramblings) backstage at the Filmore East every Friday night for a year. I'm sure I did not see one Broadway musical that whole time.

I'm going to auction off my theatre stuff. I'm sick of it. I'm starting with the show jackets. How much do you think I can get for the Sunset Boulevard jacket with Miss Desmond on it?

For all of you participating in the Ask Patti section in this classroom: 1.) No. I don't have a favorite role. 2.) Yes, the videos are illegal and 3.) I'll get to the West Coast as soon as I get a booking.

To end my Darlings, it's fall, the leaves are raining down, there are pumpkins and gourds and mums at the local roadstands, squirrels are gathering their nuts... Summer and fall are my favorite seasons, I know, I know, I 've said I don't have a favorite anything but as my friend Gingy puts it, "The trees are dressing up in their best finery." Halloween up where I live is a gas! The town goes all out in decorating Main Street and we go on a two hour hay ride. I'll see you at Lincoln Center!

Love, Patti


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