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August, 2000

Hi, Dolls,

I went to LA and performed with Audra McDonald at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a great evening. Only the Bowl would put Audra and me together on one bill. Our voices blend so beautifully together. Who woulda thought? And let me just say something about Audra McDonald. She is poised, centered, humorous and enormously talented. I wish her years and years of happiness and continued success. OK, enough of her. On to Laguna!

Ah... Laguna! Ahhhh.... Laguna!! For the past seven years my family and I have spent at least a week in this beautiful town on the Pacific Coast. It reminds me of what the California coast must have been like in the 60's. I wish I could have grown up there. There is a large artists community, and watching the kids boogie boarding, surfing and body surfing.... well it would appear, All's right with the world, and this country of ours. I stay with a dear friend in one of the coves, so my fourth wall is the blue Pacific Ocean. I am drawn to the water, it's primal with me. When I had my astrological chart drawn up, I found it didn't have a drop of water in it. I grew up on the water... my favorite smell is low tide... my favorite air is salted. I've said I don't have a favorite anything but obviously I do. If it's not a favorite, it's my life force. So, the week was spent on the beach watching my little boy become a big boy, boarding with kids his age and older, developing confidence, sharpening that competitive edge he was born with, reading a wave instinctually, all the time with my heart in my mouth. I'm proud to say he crashed only once, came out of the wave and headed back in again. I know I'm not supposed to hang out in the sun but don't you think we all look better with a tan? My goal for summer has always been: thinner, blonder, tanner. I guess I'm just a beach bum at heart. I could really work at Mailboxes, etc. if the store was in Laguna Beach, CA.

Hey, while I'm at the beach, I heard from someone who actually owns a house in Stiltsville, FL (read May Ramblings). I urge you to go to their website www.Stiltsville.org... read through it and if you are so inclined, as I was, sign the petition to save it. What I see from the point of Key Biscayne as I look out toward Stiltsville is true American heritage.

OK Dolls, I'm rambling. Next stop Montreal.

Love, Patti


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