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Ramblings From The Road

I'm home after five weeks on the road. It's beautiful at The LayZLay Ranch, even in Mud Season. Spring is not far behind. For those of you interested, one of our chickens gave birth in February. A confused lot, chickens.

I was on the road performing 'Matters of the Heart' and filming 'Falcone'. The first stop for 'Matters of the Heart' was Philadelphia. What a beautiful city and what great food. Should you find yourself there, eat at 'The Striped Bass', 'Dante & Luigi's' and 'Mama Maria's'.

In Florida, our next stop, I saw Sanibel Island for the first time. How beautiful is that? We ate at 'Timbers'. It's a raw bar between 4 & 6 pm. Yum, yum, yum! Then we went to 'Blind Pass Beach' to watch the sunset. It got a round of applause from everyone watching.

While filming 'Falcone' in Toronto, another great city, I checked out 'Soto, Soto' on Avenue Road. Who named it Avenue Road? Toronto is the best place for foul weather gear. I virtually outfitted my whole family with my per diem from Falcone. The Canadians are great people. We Americans can learn a lot from them.

Hopefully, this will be the first of a monthly letter of free association. And hopefully I'll associate on more than just food. I'm off to Miami to film another pilot. Got any sunset or food suggestions? I'm rambling...

Love, Patti


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